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 Classes summary

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PostSubject: Classes summary   3/19/2010, 06:03

I've decided all classes are valid, although the flavor may be slightly different. E.g. paladins are not your stereotypical knight in shining armor.

Classes from the PHB 1, 2, and 3 are permitted. Here's a quick summary by role:
ClassPrimarySecondaryPower Source
DruidWisDex, ConPrimal
InvokerWisCon, IntDivine
PsionIntWis, ChaPsionic
SeekerWisStr, DexPrimal
WizardIntWis, DexArcane
BattlemindConWis, ChaPsionic
FighterStrDex, Wis, ConMartial
PaladinStr, ChaWisDivine
SwordmageIntStr, ConArcane
WardenStrCon, WisPrimal
ArdentChaCon, WisPsionic
BardChaInt, ConMartial
ClericStr, WisChaDivine
RunepriestStrCon, WisDivine
ShamanWisInt, ConPrimal
WarlordStrInt, ChaMartial
AvengerWisDex, IntDivine
BarbarianStrCon, ChaPrimal
MonkDexStr, WisPsionic
RangerStr, DexWisMartial
RogueDexStr, ChaMartial
SorcererChaStr, DexArcane
WarlockCon, ChaIntArcane

Last edited by crantastic on 4/18/2011, 00:42; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : corrected power source for warden from martial to primal)
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Classes summary
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