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 Bingwen Zian

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PostSubject: Bingwen Zian   5/31/2010, 02:55

Character Name: Bingwen, Zian (original name: Bingwen, Qiao)
Class: Monk Lvl. 1
Race: Human (21 yo, Male, 5'7", Good)

STR: 11 CON: 12 DEX: 19
INT: 10 WIS: 14 CHA: 10

Init: 8 AC: 18 Speed: 6
Fort: 13 Ref: 16 Will: 14
Passive Insight: 17
Passive Perception: 17
Max HP: 24 Surges: 8

Feats: Unarmored Agility, Improved Initiative
Flurry of Blows (Stone Fist)
* Five Storms
* Dragon's Tail
* Dancing Cobra
* Open the Gate of Battle
* Spinning Leopard Maneuver

Background: He grew up in a peaceful town in a wealthy family. He was the 3rd son, had a sister 4 years older and a brother 6 years older.
He never met her sister since there was a tradition that the first girl from each family group would join a monk temple by the age of 5, and the family could only see her after 5 years had passed from the time she joined the temple.
Zian was about 4 yo, when a gang invaded the town at night and killed and stole from every person in the town.
His family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins) were having dinner when the whole revolt started to spread, the family parents noticing the inevitable fate, did their best to hide the children in the house.
Once the gang entered the house the started steeling and killing members of the family, one of his uncles realized that hiding would be useless so he took all the children, but under the tense situation he didn't notice and forgot to pick up Zian, the uncle was able to flee with his brother and cousins.
The next morning, Zian made his way out of the hiding spot and only to see the dead bodies of most of his family, all in shock somehow he made it to the street where he saw more death, he fainted.
One day after, a nun from the temple of the mountains walked down to get some provisions for the temple and she faced terrible massacre.
This nun was Zian's sister that through her good achievements at the temple she managed to convince the head Nun to let her go down to visit her family a year earlier.
She found from the people in the town that the only survivor was Zian, which she didn't know was her brother. She brought back Zian to the temple and raised him (somewhat funny) as her brother. Zian (formerly Qiao) didn't remember his name so she named him Zian, and gave him her last name (which is the same one)
She helped him overcome the trauma and taught him the ways of the temple, the temple was all nuns so he was basically like a son to all of them.
There is where he learned his martial arts technique which rely more on sensitivity and speed rather than strength, first the basic stuff through his sister and then showing great improvement that the head nun took him under her personal training.
Once he reached his 20th birthday, the head nun, told him that he knew most of the system and that it was time for him to travel to learn from the world, later to come back and share his knowledge, he would have this big responsibility as the only monk ever to be trained by nuns only.
So he started traveling with a couple of things in his mind, learn and experience the most he can, improve his technique, help the people that cannot defend themselves, maintain peace and primarily. And after a year of traveling, he ended up in the town of Jiji knowing they were at war and trying to help the local people.

I'm planning later one that he learns that he has a brother and a sister and he adds to his objectives, finding them, which will ultimately lead him back to his sister at the temple.

Some hooks with my character:
* People who have experienced something similar
* The person knows about the event and was one of the people able to flee
* The person knows someone that was close to the people in his birth town and can help him find his siblings
* Someone that was in need and Zian came to help
* My background story could be modified and you could either play one of the nuns or even Zian's sister.

Some other things now that would make Zian not relate very well with another character
* Someone that is very selfish
* Someone that is good but spends time once in a while with bands or gangs
* Someone that was before a part of a gang.

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Bingwen Zian
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