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 Sunrods = magic lanterns

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PostSubject: Sunrods = magic lanterns   5/31/2010, 19:36

In Tie Shan sunrods are magical paper lanterns, called móshù dēnglóng (魔術 燈籠). The lanterns are folded down, but once unfolded, they emit the light of a sunrod, and while folding them back up will stop the light, they're single-use items and therefore cannot be used again. however, since they're lanterns, you can choose to have them in different paper colors, so if you want green light, or a cool decorated lantern, you can. they'll still emit the 20 squares of light. but since they're made of paper and string, don't let them get wet or near an open flame, destruction of the lantern will render it useless.
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Sunrods = magic lanterns
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